Our mission is to teach self improvement and community development, focusing on health and wealth. We have been in business since 2005 helping community organization, benefiting homeless mothers with children, homeless military veterans and victims of domestic violence.


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Meet the experts behind the scenes who make it all happen. We siege potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day. Our unique development ensures that we have the very best staff from all over the world, and at every level of operation. Our leadership team reflects a group of diverse phenomenal individuals with breadth and depth of experience worldwide.

Carlito Muhammad Executive Director/Producer at Khalfani Radio Intl Health and Wealth Network Disabled USAF Veteran Substance Abuse/Peer Support Specialist Generational Wealth Coach

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Ummabdulkarim Muhammad Liaison for Parents/Caregivers of Special Needs Love ones Doctor of Traditional Islamic Medicine/Hijama/Complementary/Holistic Medicine Registered Nurse, BSN Certified Public School

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Dr. Alim

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad Former Minister of Health and Human Services of the Nation of Islam. Dr Alim holds the title of Medical Surgeon who has held several teaching positions at various medical centers and universities. In 1986, he founded the Abundant Life Clinic in Washington, D.C., which enabled him to pursue community-based alternative medicine. He is known around the world for his clinical research in HIV/AIDS.

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Katurah Bryant Host of Abundance is Your Birthright Zolar Experience Movement Founder Coming from the medical field of mental health

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Hafeeza Ture Host of Labors of Love East Coast Program Director/Radio Host, Khalfani Radio Eastern Region Executive Producer With the combination

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